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Graphics. Done. Right.

I’m an experienced Graphic Artist specializing in print & web based strategies. I strive for quality and keeping up with today’s standards.

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Here you can view my featured work. Please check out my portfolio page for more work examples. If you have any questions regarding my work, please contact me.

 Skin Assist Colorado - Website Design
Law Office of Michael P. Plante
Verge Industries Logo Design

Welcome to the online porfolio for Troy Hite, Creative Director of Digital by Design Studios. As an experienced and enthusiastic graphic designer with a diverse professional background, I enjoy creating innovative, eye-catching designs for a variety of projects and clients. With over eight years in the graphic design field, I have a keen understanding of the importance of keeping one's image fresh and relevant in today's ever-changing world. I specialize in print and web based strategies, with a strong focus on musician identity. I am always seeking out new inspiration, and I welcome the opportunity to put my skills to work for new clients. If you are in need of creative solutions to your design dilemmas, Digital by Design Studios can help you achieve exceptional results.


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